Self-Care Is Important For All Of Us!

If you are looking to live a happier, more satisfying life, self-care is important. Perhaps even more so as we continue to tackle the impact of Coronavirus and for those in the UK dealing with yet another Lockdown!  Put all of that alongside the “January Blues” or sense of being in the doldrums that so many experience at this time of year and the message self-care is important becomes even more pertinent!

Taking care of yourself may seem like a selfish act, but it’s crucial to your wellbeing. If you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll find it harder to take care of others.

Within this report, you’ll discover why self-care is so important and how you can incorporate it into your daily life.

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Being Optimistic – Not a New Year Resolution

Being Optimistic about things can seem challenging at times. As we sit at the start of 2021 looking back at a year which many of us would rather forget it does feels like we do need to focus on being optimistic about the year ahead. But in what ways?

As we are bombarded by sensationalist and conflicting news reports; we hear daily the latest depressing figures about the virus that seems to bring ever more restrictions on our activity and it is little wonder that many can struggle to muster those feelings of optimism.

I must admit, am not a great one for setting New Year Resolutions, because for me the arbitrary use of the start of a year isn’t really something that works. However, what I do like to do is to try and pivot my mindset to focus on how I want to interact with the world in the year ahead.

In my last tweet of 2020, I commented:

  • Wherever you are, whoever you are with even if just yourself #BeKind in word, thought and deed.
  • Always strive to be the absolute best you can be.
  • Always be the better person.
  • Always be true to yourself.
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Good Mental Health and Self-Care

Taking care of your mental health is just as important as your physical health. In fact, the mind and body are so connected that when your mental health suffers, your physical health is sure to follow in the form of sickness and stress. Routine self-care plays a big role in making sure you develop good mental habits that will keep you operating at 100%.

The Impact Of Better Self-Care

Here are 5 ways that self-care impacts your mental health in a positive way.

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A Self-Care Routine Brings Real Benefits

Self-care is relatively simple. It’s all about tuning in to your needs mentally, emotionally and physically and doing things on purpose to take care of yourself. That is not selfish, and self-care is never selfish because you matter!

 It is about setting boundaries and putting YOU first. When was the last time you allowed yourself the time to slow down and do something that helped you recharge? For all of us life can be busy and chaotic, and we rarely give ourselves a moment to rest.

We end up putting our needs on the last rung of the ladder and we struggle because of it. Making self-care a part of your daily life is one of the best things you can do for your overall health and well-being.

Here are 5 life-enhancing benefits of making self-care a priority.

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Self-Care Routine that Works For You!

Have you developed a self-care routine that works for you? In these trying times, as we all try to cope with the many challenges that we face, taking some time to develop self-care routines is something that all of us can benefit from.

If you are new to the idea of self-care it can seem like something which is just going to add even more pressure in your busy life at a time when you have so much else to contend with. However, it can be easier than you might think to develop a daily self-care routine that works.

When it comes to self-care, one of the biggest misconceptions is that it takes lots of time and effort to make it work. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you’re new to the self-care arena, all of the tips, tricks and ideas floating around on the internet can be overwhelming and leave you feeling lost and unsure about how to start. The good news is, no matter how new you are to the space, a self-care routine isn’t difficult to begin.

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Talking To The Deer

A few days away last week in a Cottage was a great way for my partner and I to spend time just relaxing and catching up with some reading. In these strangest of times time away is a real bonus and just we really enjoyed just spending time in each other’s company and talking.

This short break came at just the right time following three months in my role as HR Manager. Having spent the last three months dealing with a broad range of challenges and supporting the organisation through some changes was perfect. At a time when change really has become something we seem to deal with on a daily basis it was good to have the time to just reflect and relax.

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Born Into Slavery

A reflection on discovering that one of my ancestors was Born into Slavery.

As my connections will be aware I am very keen on tracing my Family History. I have always been fascinated by the twists and turns that the journey of exploration can take us on and these last few days have certainly seen things take an unexpected turn!

Some years ago I took a DNA Test which gave me some insights into my genealogy many of which were what I had expected.  However, I have always been intrigued by the reference to West Africa in my DNA although I hadn’t especially pursued it.

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I Am Scared and That’s Okay!

I am scared and that really is okay! As someone who writes/blogs a lot I have really struggled to write over the past few weeks as we have seen our country and indeed the world respond to Coronavirus and the associated Lockdowns.

That has really troubled me because I have always found writing a great way of thinking things through and very enjoyable. I have challenged myself over the past few days to find a way through this “writer’s block” and write something! The more I have pondered on it the more I have come to realise that there is an article I need to write and this is that article.

“I am scared and that’s okay” is the perfect title for the article because it sums up exactly how I have been feeling and continue to feel.

Back on 1st April I made the first attempt to write something and whilst I would never claim to be a poet others thanked me for my poetry! The words I wrote and subsequently created a screensaver for my computer were:

It’s Okay.

It’s Okay to be scared
It’s Okay to want to Scream
It’s Okay to want to cry
It’s Okay to just want it all to go away

It’s Okay to be You
It’s Okay to do what is right for you right now
It’s Okay to Hope

It’s Okay because We Will get through this!


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Being Kind Every Day

In recent months it has been almost impossible to avoid the exhortations to “Be Kind” on Social Media with people using the phrase and hashtag #BeKind each time something untoward or upsetting happens. As is almost inevitable those same people exhorting others to “Be Kind” will then move swiftly on to criticise the latest minor celebrity.

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