Volunteering Your Time – The Amazing Benefits

Have you considered Volunteering your Time to help others? There are many benefits for both the volunteer and the organisations that you volunteer for.

It’s true that we all have many competing responsibilities in our busy lives.   There are times when it can be  hard to figure out how you will ever get everything done. Whilst it may sound counter-intuitive spending some of your time volunteering for a worthy cause just may be the thing you need to get things moving on the right track.   

As I said volunteering your time is something that benefits not just the organisations and other  recipients of your contribution, but it can also improve your life too!

Here are seven reasons why you may benefit from volunteering some of your time:  

Making New Friends

All of us to some extent are social creatures. We are meant to genuinely and authentically connect with others. Volunteering your time is a natural, organic way to meet others who share the same interests.

Building Personal and Professional Connections

If it’s not something you are used to then “Networking” may sound a bit odd. However, in this day and age, it is necessary  to meet other people so you can gain exposure to new experiences and opportunities. Volunteering is an excellent way to build personal and professional contacts without traditional “networking”, if that’s not really your style.

Building Your Self-esteem and Self-confidence

If you find yourself struggling with self-esteem and confidence, volunteer! You will feel great about contributing to a cause greater than yourself, and as you accomplish different tasks, you will learn new skills and find yourself growing more competent in the area of your choosing.

To Make a Difference in the World

Do you ever find yourself thinking that there is too much greed, evil, poverty or other issues in the world? Do you wish there was something that you were able to  do about it? You may not be able to change the whole world but through volunteering you can make a difference in your community or around issues that you are passionate about! You will find that you can  experience a sense of purpose by making a difference in the world. If when deciding how you are going to go about volunteering your time  you choose a cause that truly resonates with what you feel are the big problems of the world we inhabit.

Add Experience to Your CV

Very few of us nowadays are in the same jobs or even  the same career for ourr entire adult lives. Yet, if you are looking for a career change that represents a big departure from your current skillset, then you are going to discover that there’s a bit of a catch-22 scenario.

Without experience on your resume, nobody will give you a solid chance. But without a solid chance, you’ll never get relevant experience.

What do you do?

Volunteer, of course!

If you really want to break into a new sector or feel tempted to test the waters of a life change, why not consider volunteering a few hours at a time to help fill in the gaps on your CV while helping a cause you care for?

Improving your Health

One often overlooked benefit of volunteering is that it could help improve your health.

Depending on the volunteer activity you select, you could gain some valuable outdoor time, which would improve your physical health. You could also  try something nurturing and soothing for your mental health like keeping lonely senior citizens company at nursing homes. Or you could even try something spiritually uplifting like going Christmas caroling during the holiday season.

There are many options and many ways volunteering could benefit your health – you have to be creative with selection.

Having Fun!

Last but not least, one of the real benefits of volunteering your time  is that it can be lots of fun! Maybe you get a group of friends together and go on a beach or local park/community area  clean-up day. Or you do a charity fundraiser walk.

The possibilities are truly endless!

Volunteering Your Time Conclusion

You really  will get a lot more out of your volunteer experience than you put in. Take a look at some of the causes looking for volunteers in your neighborhood today, and see which may be a good fit for your personality and your lifestyle.

You will gain so much more than you contribute on so many levels – and you really will be happy you gave it a go.

Being Social – Good Morning Barista!

How do you go about Being Social when your social interactions are reduced? I was talking with a friend of mine the other day who is also seeking a new role at the moment. One of the things they commented on was that they missed the interaction with others which comes from being in a workplace.

That set me thinking about how we can all maintain and grow our ability to interact with others and be successful on a social level. Here are some thoughts on how I think we can achieve social success even if we do not have the interactions that the workplace brings.

As Humans we are social animals, and a strong social network is essential for our mental and physical health. So what can we do to maintain regular social interactions and grow in confidence?

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Building A Support Network

Generally speaking, we need others around us for support, encouragement, challenge, stimulation, intimacy, and love. In fact, humans are so dependent on social relationships that our health depends on them. There is a lot of research that demonstrates that loneliness increases the risk of depression, suicide, substance abuse, cardiovascular disease, and altered brain function, and can even knock years off of your life.

When we have a strong social network, we can rely on it for emotional and physical support. Good friends will listen when you have a crisis, cheer you when you succeed, point out when you are being a jerk, and show up to move your couch or cook a meal when you are sick. If you are struggling to build self-acceptance, having friends who accept you as you are, and who you accept as they are, provides a useful template.

If you don’t currently have a strong social network, here’s how to build one:

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