Ten Healthy Habits That Can Help You Fight Stress

We hear a lot about stress nowadays and the profound impact it can have on an individual and those around them.

Whilst there are many degrees of stress and some can have a crushing impact on our lives and require medical intervention there are ways to deal with the normal stresses of home and especially work. If recognised early then that stress in the workplace doesn’t have to get you down. Instead, learn to handle it from the word go. The first step is to take control of your life. Below are ten healthy habits that can actually help you fight the threat of stress.

Stress can prove to be harmful when the effects are prolonged. The body sustains a lot of wear and tear, leading to degenerative illness. But, it doesn’t have to get that bad. A few proactive steps can lead to a greater balance overall.

Ten Habits to Cultivate for Stress Reduction

1. Find a sounding board – Friends and trusted family members are great for this. Let them know what they are in for before depending on them for this much-needed support.

2. Laughter is the best medicine – Laughing releases endorphins and helps you to smile more often. Read a funny book or watch your favorite comedy movie. A laugh a day could keep the doctor away.

3. Reduce your workload – Plan for activities only one day each weekend. Plan to leave work at a certain time each day as often as you can to begin family time and leave the office behind.

4. Find a physical activity that you like – Exercise should be beneficial and fun. The “fun” part is what will keep you coming back for more. The release of endorphins improves the mood, and stronger muscles protect you as you get older.

5. Organize your life – Set time to get things done as well as time to spend alone in pursuit of relaxing activities. You could actually get more handled in a day when you plan well.

6. Volunteer – Sometimes, getting out of your own head is the best way to reduce your stress levels. Pay attention to someone else who needs it more.

7. Eat a balanced diet – Food, especially raw and fresh food, can provide your body with antioxidants and vitamins needed to keep your body working in tiptop shape.

8. Get enough sleep – Depending on your age, the amount of sleep needed can range from six to as much as nine or ten hours a night. During sleep, the body shuts down all non-vital systems in an attempt to repair itself. A restored body can handle whatever the new day brings.

9. Take a breather – It is okay to take a mini vacation. It could be only a weekend, but use it to clear your head so that you can move forward with your life.

10. Acceptance – Everything is not within your control. When you accept what you can’t change, a weight is lifted. Stress over worrying about unnecessary issues is wasted time and energy. Channel your efforts into more constructive pursuits.

Fight back against stress in the best way – with healthy habits.