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In my earlier article Carry on Learning I mentioned how learning a new piece of software such as Prezi was a great way to keep busy and to add valuable skills to your CV. There are lots of other benefits so let’s take a look at them and also how to get started making better presentations that your audience will love.

Benefits of Using Prezi – Why Use Prezi?

One of the best uses of Prezi is in education and the general learning environment. In fact, this tool is fast becoming the new presentation must-have for teachers and trainers. Recent studies have shown that a student’s attention span lasts less than 15 minutes. So when a more visually stimulating presentation tool such as Prezi is used, then we may be able to ensure that their learning is better facilitated.

Aside from its’ benefits in the learning environment, Prezi can also prove its’ worth amongst professionals in basically all fields and industries. Presentations created through Prezi promote more interaction among the audience by stimulating their visual senses.

So why use Prezi? Here are the Top Benefits of Using Prezi.

1. Prezi has a Free Option

As you know, Powerpoint is not free. Also, other similar applications that you use for free (e.g., Google Drive and OpenOffice) lack many features. But if you switch to Prezi, not only will you enjoy it without paying anything, but you will also have enough features to create stunning presentations.

2. It’s Cloud-Based

Here’s the problem with your Powerpoint slides. You’ll need an external drive or device to store them in. If you lose, forget, or accidentally damage this device, you’ll need to start from scratch. Sure, you can send a copy of your files to your email account, but think of the extra effort and time it takes.

If you use Prezi, on the other hand, you’ll say goodbye to flash drives for good. Best of all, you’ll be able to access your presentations anywhere in the world. You can even download them so you can view them offline.

3. You can create presentations that have more visual impact

Perhaps the best feature of Prezi is its zooming function. In Powerpoint, your visuals auto-adjust only to the size of your screen. With Prezi, one click is all it takes to make your images, texts, and videos larger.

4. With Prezi, you’re not confined to texts and images alone

You can embed videos from Youtube, upload PDF files, and import images from the web. These are tasks you can’t do using other applications.

5. You can enjoy simultaneous editing

If you’re working with a group, you don’t have to meet at a specific spot. As long as all of you are online, you can add sub-topics and other content to create a more dynamic presentation. In short, Prezi creates a more flexible working environment.

6. Your audience can better learn from your presentation

Unlike Powerpoint slides that break up topics into disorganized parts, Prezi allows you to create topics that are well-structured. In effect, your audience can easily see the connection between your topics and sub-topics.

How to Create Your First Prezi

Creating your first Prezi presentation is as easy as 1-2-3. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

  • Step 1. Go to and click on the blue “Get Started” button to create a free account. After filling out the necessary fields, you should be directed to your dashboard.
  • Step 2. Click on “New Prezi.” A new tab opens. You should see templates. Click on one.
  • Step 3. Start adding texts and pictures. Note that you can also insert videos. Learn to customize them to create a beautiful presentation.
  • Step 4. Every now and then, click on the “Present” button to see how your presentation looks like. Step 5. When done, save your work. You can also share it on Facebook or download as PDF.

In Conclusion

Prezi has many advantages over Powerpoint. You audience can easily see the interconnectedness of your topics, and your presentations help retain attention and facilitate better learning. The perfect tool for Learning and Development professionals, teachers and trainers of all sorts as well as anyone who wants to start making better presentations.

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