Being Kind To Yourself This New Year

In a previous post I talked about the positive benefits of Being Kind to Yourself. Now I am going to look at several ways to incorporate self-kindness into your daily life.

This is probably one of the most critical habits you’ll ever build. Being kind to yourself means you care enough to take care of yourself. You’re striving to be the best version of yourself possible, which is going to have very positive benefits on both your mental and physical self. This is exciting stuff.

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Being Kinder To Others

Let’s take a look at Being Kinder to Others! In my last post I suggested that we should give ourselves the gift of kindness. In this post I want to look at various ways in which we can give others the gift of kindness.

When we start being kinder to others, our world changes. The more you act in kindness, the more opportunities to be kind you’ll notice. What makes this even more special is how this eventually translates to your own life as well. For now, though, let’s focus on what you can do for others. 

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The Gift Of Kindness You Deserve

You deserve to give yourself the gift of kindness!

In my last post in this end of year series I looked at the benefits of being kind to others. As we approach Christmas with all the stress and challenges it can bring alongside the joy I wanted to take a look at the benefits of being kind to you.

At this time of year when we give and receive gifts why not give yourself the gift of kindness!

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Does Kindness Matter Really?

Does kindness matter? Just how important is kindness? Isn’t the popular advice to focus instead on realising our own goals and getting ahead? If that is the case does Kindness matter at all?

Some people play life as if it’s a competitive sport. That means they throw themselves into winning at all costs, with no thought to how their behaviour impacts themselves or anyone around them. While this kind of ruthless pushing to get to the top of the heap might get you there, it’s worth considering if you’ll be able to live with the person you’ve become in the process.

This is because kindness shows us a lot more about ourselves than we realise. Kind people are empathetic which mean they’re in tune with the world around them and carry with them an awareness of the needs of others. What’s more, they’re not shy about acting on those needs in offering a helping hand when it’s required the most. You’ve undoubtedly heard the expression, “There but for the grace of God, go I.”

If you don’t think kindness matters, stop to consider the impact it has on both ourselves and on the world around us. In the next article I will take a look at how kindness matters and helps others.