How To Feel More Confident As A Leader

I remember coaching one individual who was responsible for managing a key team of people. There was one problem though which they and their line manager had identified which led to me becoming involved. They lacked the confidence in their own ability in the role of leadership. They were constantly asking their boss if they should do this or say that. Their boss was starting to have become concerned because, even though they knew that the individual had the skills, the team were floundering as well without the strong confidence from their Line Manager.

Does this sound familiar? Are you feeling less than confident in your own leadership role? So let’s take a look at how to feel more confident in your leadership role.

Confidence isn’t something you learn like rules. It’s your state of mind. It begins with positive thinking, practicing, training and gaining knowledge. You build confidence through actions and acceptance of your own skills and experience.

Are you ready to be confident leader? Have you hidden your power and confidence from your company’s leaders? There are ways to feel more confident even when you aren’t.

Keep your emotions out of it.

Good leaders know that their emotions don’t normally have a place in business. Yelling and getting animated over problems have no place in the workplace. Allowing your emotions to get in the way is a sign you’re not objective enough and may be too passionate about the situation. Learn how to put your emotions aside.

Respond decisively and with conviction.

Leaders who have self-confidence don’t show any signs of doubt. You can do the same by speaking with conviction and authority- even if you are unsure. This shows your employees you are in control.

Act like you have confidence.

If you are lacking confidence in some area, put on a smile and act like you do have confidence. Don’t lose your composure by worrying and giving in to fear. As the saying goes, “fake it until you make it.”

Know your strengths.

Knowing your character strengths helps you build your confidence in the areas you are lacking. Play up to your strengths in the way you lead. If you are good at building morale, use it in your role. If you are better at appointing work to others in a fair way, find ways to carry that over into other areas.

See yourself as confident.

A strong leader has a compelling vision of how they want to lead others. They know where they want their career to go. You can develop this skill by creating your own vision. See yourself as confident.

Hire a coach or find a mentor or role model.

You may need to get help building your leadership confidence. Hire a coach who specializes in building confidence. A mentor is another way you can build your confidence. Having someone who is already a confident leader mentor you through those times when your confidence is lacking will go a long way in building your self-confidence.

Take courses in leadership.

Most community colleges, technical schools and business schools offer courses on being a good leader. These courses will walk you through different scenarios and help you build confidence in how you handle them.

Most leaders aren’t born with the confidence it takes to lead others. It takes time and practice to before you begin to feel confident in your role as a leader.

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