Talking To The Deer

A few days away last week in a Cottage was a great way for my partner and I to spend time just relaxing and catching up with some reading. In these strangest of times time away is a real bonus and just we really enjoyed just spending time in each other’s company and talking.

This short break came at just the right time following three months in my role as HR Manager. Having spent the last three months dealing with a broad range of challenges and supporting the organisation through some changes was perfect. At a time when change really has become something we seem to deal with on a daily basis it was good to have the time to just reflect and relax.

Today we also took the time to go over to a place which has been a part of my life since my earliest days and has a long connection with my family. Dunham Massey Hall is one of my favourite places and being so close to us is a great bonus.

Dunham Massey and the Deer have been constants in my life for so long that it is good to be able to share it with my partner. Even though we have been together for some 19 years we still find so much to talk about when we are just walking.

I was reminded when we were there that the Deer, which have been there for hundreds of years, were also great listeners. At times when I have faced really challenging situations or events in my life walking across to Dunham and talking to the Deer always brought me a sense of calm and amazing solace.

Whether it’s your partner, a close friend, a trusted confidante or the Deer of Dunham we always need to find time to talk. Make sure that you find that time!

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