Let Kindness In To Your Life!

I have written a number of articles over recent months on the topic of kindness. In this new series of articles, with the overall title of Let Kindness In, I will want to take those further and in a structured way take you through how we can rekindle it, or to put it another way, how can we let it in,  in what often feels like an increasingly cruel world. Let’s start by answering the question:

How do we define kindness?

The starting place for a definition is of course the dictionary! According to the dictionary, the quality of being kind involves having a “sympathetic and a helpful nature.” The very act means that we exhibit sympathy and that we couple it with actions that provide assistance, to the betterment of the quality of life for someone else.

It sounds simple doesn’t it. Why then is it so hard? Why is it especially difficult when the one we’re trying to show kindness to is ourselves?

There isn’t a person in the entire world who isn’t capable of kindness. It has a way of turning around and reflecting back on the giver

With these facts in mind, it’s a wonder more people aren’t kind. After all, if it truly matters, shouldn’t we all be more compassionate to others…and to ourselves automatically?

In this series of articles, I am going to look at the nature of kindness and how we can let it in to our own lives and the world around us. I will examine how it helps us and others in our daily life. Then, as I hope that you start to feel the rekindling of kindness within your heart, I will share lots of tips on how to add more of it into your day.

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