Thank You

75 years ago today the D-Day Landings took place. Today we remember and we honour the memories of those who gave so much and those who gave their all by making the ultimate sacrifice.

They fought for freedom across Europe and indeed the World. They fought and died so that we might enjoy the freedom we have today. We must never forget their sacrifice so that we can live our lives in freedom from tyranny and Fascism.

We cannot begin to imagine what they encountered, the horror of battle, the slaughter that occurred, the friends cut down alongside them but they fought on, They did their duty, they fought for us and for generations yet to come.

From the bottom of our hearts we say to that generation Thank You!

We must always remember them. We must tell their stories to generation after generation yet to come. Not to glorify war because there is no glory in war. We must tell their stories to ensure that never again do we ask so much of so many.

Thank You to the generation that won our freedom.

Thank You.

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