Being Mindful You Are Always Learning

We have all heard that experience is a great teacher. Each day of our lives is  packed with numerous experiences. Many of these experiences are everyday occurrences such as walking the dog or doing the washing up after dinner. Others are less common. Occasionally, some are so unique that they are literally life changing. However, whether the experience is mundane or out of this world, it offers us a learning moment.

Most of us will, hopefully, come away from a unique experience with a fresh perspective. Yet, few of us grasp the learning opportunity that is present in the day-today activities that, by necessity, take up the majority of our time. Buddhists call this awareness of the learning potential in the commonplace “mindfulness.”

When you begin to be mindful, you see that everything that you do has merit. You start to realise that no matter what you are doing, you can do it better. In our working lives and in our personal interactions, this means that we begin to pay closer attention to every task. You understand that each task fits into others and together they comprise the whole of your activity. If you take a shortcut or cut corners on the smallest of things it only serves to undermine the largest and seemingly most important things.

Likewise, when you attempt to do the most basic of jobs to the very best of your ability this mindful mindset carries over into other areas and brings a new awareness and sense of achievement.

So, use every experience, every day, as a moment to learn. Be mindful of bad or lazy behaviours and work to change them into more positive and productive actions. If you recognise that you are always learning then you will find real benefit from being aware of what you are learning and using that learning.

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