Top 5 Job Search Tips

What are my top 5 Job Search Tips? As regular readers of this blog (Hello!) will know I try and participate in the L&D (Learning and Development) Twitter Chat each Friday at 8am(GMT) which you will find under the hashtag #LDInsight.

A few weeks ago the question posed was what advice we would offer people seeking a Job within L&D. The request was that we shared our top Job Search tips.

I had forgotten about it until someone mentioned something I had said the other day. So I decided to find my original tweet and share the advice I offered!

Obviously, it’s a little tongue in cheek – or is it?

  1. Do try and avoid ageing if you can – maybe invest in a Dorian Gray style picture?
  2. Don’t learn too much and therefore become very experienced! Also remember that recruiters are mind readers who know that you will get bored in the job you applied for!
  3. Find a sector to work in and never, ever move out of it!
  4. Be aware that your good manners in replying to emails and returning calls are not the norm in recruitment.
  5. Keep a very good sense of humour.

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