It’s Not True That………

Whether we are aware of it or not each of us has a set of core values and beliefs about life. These core values and beliefs influence the vision we have of the future and even sometimes the past.

These core values and beliefs are often developed in childhood and for many of us these ideas come from our parents, but they also come from general society. The TV shows you watched growing up, the friends you had, their parents, your teachers and whatever was happening in the world as you grew up that is reflected on the news affects your values and beliefs as well.

Many of these things we don’t even realise are there. Therefore, we will sometimes react unconsciously to things that strike at those core values and beliefs. Sometimes those actions lead us down the wrong path. Working on our personal development can enable us to become much more self-aware about our core values and beliefs and why we have specific ideas or not.

Positive & Negative Core Beliefs

Everyone has both positive and negative core beliefs. The more positive thoughts you have, the more positive you will behave, as you embark on achievement. These positive beliefs include things like believing you are worthy, safe, competent and capable, appreciated, accepted, knowledgeable, and so forth.

Negative beliefs are often focused and based on your personality or inner-self, as well as on a negative thought that someone had about you or based on something you said about yourself. These can be very limiting to your self-esteem. That’s why you can meet two people, who have the same job, make the same amount of money, and one will be happy and satisfied, while the other person will inwardly feel miserable.

Finding Out Core Values & Beliefs are Negative

You may not even realise you have beliefs that are causing you to be held back. If you’ve watched person after person succeed at something that you want to do, are you able to identify how to improve it or are you not able to accept that a core idea or belief you have is holding you back?

Are You Willing to Change?

If you want to embark on a journey of personal development, you need to be willing to challenge your core beliefs, ideas, and even the vision you have created for your life. Until you know what’s true, accurate, and based on facts rather simply on opinions or false beliefs, it’ll be hard to envision how far you can go towards the advancements you want to make. It may be the difference between deciding to become a Doctor or a Nurse. Neither career is a wrong choice. However, one might be better for you, when considering your likes, dislikes, existing skills, your health, and your interests, goals, and other preferences.

As you work through your development plan in all aspects of your life, you’ll come to many surprising realisations. Some of them will be a surprise, others, not so much. The critical point is to realise that the ideas you have right now, even your most core beliefs and values may change once you find out it’s not true. For instance, it’s not true that you can’t lose weight. It’s not true that you cannot start your own business. It’s not true that you aren’t good enough. If you find that you have limiting core beliefs and values, you will want to work on those first. Without the inside taken care of, it’s hard to fix everything else.

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