Being Kind Every Day

In recent months it has been almost impossible to avoid the exhortations to “Be Kind” on Social Media with people using the phrase and hashtag #BeKind each time something untoward or upsetting happens. As is almost inevitable those same people exhorting others to “Be Kind” will then move swiftly on to criticise the latest minor celebrity.

As someone who has tried to live a life defined by the concept of Being Kind I can assure you that it isn’t just about “Being Kind” for one moment in time or once each day. It is about trying to live every moment, every interaction with a focus on being kind to others and to yourself.

Being kinder is not about making sacrifices or denying your own needs. Treating people kindly is not an imposition or another task on your checklist.

It’s the outward manifestation of living positively. Kindness is all about mindset, and you can train yourself to make kindness almost automatic. Do you ever notice that being kind to someone makes you feel good too? It’s because altruism promotes a reaction in you which not only makes you feel good but also works to reinforce positive social behaviour.

Here are some proven tips for embedding kindness into your approach to life.

Choose to be kind

In choosing to be kind, you are consciously resetting your mindset to treat people with compassion and empathy. Notice the effect of your kindness on others. When you smile, people’s natural reaction is to smile back. You set up a kindness loop that keeps on paying itself forward!

Choosing to be kind, regardless of your mood, can even turn a cranky day into a happier one. Your brain receives the message that all is well, and before you know it you’ll be feeling more cheerful.

Do more random acts of kindness

Studies have shown that carrying out five random acts of kindness every week is the single most effective way of increasing your happiness. Anything from buying a pay it forwards coffee, to letting another driver into the traffic, or mowing your neighbour’s lawn will make you and the other person feel good.

Be kind to yourself.

Self-kindness starts with noticing your self-talk. Are you encouraging or judging? Do you start from a position of ‘yes you can’ or ‘you’ll never do it’? Pay attention to that voice in your head, and change the script to kindness.

Build little acts of self-care into your day. Reward successes, big and small. Take time to do the things that make you feel good. Make sure you get enough sleep, stay hydrated and have a nutritious diet.

Practice gratitude

Make it a daily practice to count your blessings. Research has shown that people are happier when they notice the good things in their lives and practice gratitude.

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